Information Security Management ISO / IEC Certification

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The curriculum improves the procedures followed by an organization or a company and complements them in order to maximize the efficiency and availability of information systems

The graduate of the program is able to manage and protect the integrity and continuity of all those resources of the organization that manage information during storage, processing, handling, etc.

Maintains the confidentiality and security of information through adequate controls based on its security policies, to which the organization’s management is committed.

Ensures the observance of laws, provisions, related to the activities of the organization, such as e.g. of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Helps manage the identified risks that threaten the body and its operation.

In these ways it contributes to the smooth business operation of the company and to gaining the trust of customers and all stakeholders that their data is protected in the best possible way.

At a time when securing sensitive customer data is paramount to the proper operation and reputation of businesses, it is certain that more and more intensively they will pay special attention to the observance of the relevant procedures, hiring or utilizing their executives who have relevant knowledge in object.

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