Seminar in Security services

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According to the Ministerial Decision 4892/1/76-C and the amendment of L.3707 / 2008 every employee in the field of Private Security (security) must hold a work permit issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The work permit presupposes a relevant diploma or degree, alternatively, the security work permit is granted after attending a specialized training program and successful participation in the exams organized by KEMEA.

The International Education College – CIE is a specialized body in matters of Adult Education and certified to implement Training Programs for Personnel of Private Enterprises for the Provision of Security Services (Security Seminars) based on the Training Regulation of EOPPEP for the acquisition of the necessary Adequacy (security certification) and security personnel license (security license) according to the specifications of KEMEA.

The program is implemented by combining electronic presentations, book, case studies, work simulations, in class and through e-learning (distance education – distance learning).

The student who will attend this program will be able to work on the following: 1) Protection of individuals, facilities and vulnerable targets. Well-trained staff ready to meet any requirement.

2) Carrying out security escorts of persons, materials and means. Upon successful completion of the training program, he will be able to work in the escort and security services.

3) Protection – guarding of spectacles, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, sporting events and any kind of social and mass event. Uniformed guard as well as guards in civilian clothes, securing the space on a 24-hour basis and ensuring the smooth operation of any event.

4) Operation of centers for receiving, controlling and transmitting alarm signals.

5) Provision of security consulting services.

6) Preparation of studies and planning of measures for the safety of persons, materials, means and infrastructure.

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